Sensual Healing Professionals


Hello, my name is Olivia and like the Moon, my passion is to bring you light and healing regardless of what phase you are currently in. May you rest and surrender as we allow the worldly influences to melt away while we journey into the realm of eroticism and move through energetic blocks and refine energies.  If you are looking for a magical, sacred, divine, sensual experience look no further. The Divine Feminine you have been Craving. Primal. Nurturing Heart. Playful. Erotic. A Goddess with a passionate intention of Sacred Sensuality. I am here—for your pleasure, for your healing, and for your highest good.


A delicate flower, lush and tender. A juicy fruit, colorful and sweet.
I am an artist, finding beauty in all things, and living in pursuit of pleasure, new experiences, authentic self expression, and meaningful connection. My adventurous spirit and soft heart are my guides. My hands are my greatest gift, used to conjure and create. I am an intuitive creature and trust the divination of my body and soul. I believe our bodies are a temple, a place to worship the divine. 
Let my warm grounding energy be an anchor as we explore deep feeling and sensation. Together, with mutual trust and respect, we will co-create a space for healing, enlightenment, and pleasure. Join me in a ceremony of touch, breathwork, and mindfulness to awaken sacred sensual energy, manifest your intentions, and more deeply connect with yourself and others. 


I am a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through leisurely pastimes, charm and a cultivation of life’s pleasures.. I am enchanted by the lotus flower and intrigued by the magic of a kiss. Nothing brings me more joy then deep sensual conversations and the taste of champagne bubbles in my mouth. A thought alchemist, a conjuring sorceress who represents all that is healing energy, loving inspiration and sensual desire.


Tuesdays all day and evening

Professional Training:

Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Sociology.

1.5 years Erotic Arts and Bodywork Apprenticeship (Shivas Angels).

Breath work to bring about physical, emotional and spiritual healing in the body.

Energy work that includes working with the body’s energetically fields e.g chakras.

Therapeutic grade essential oils.

Certified Reconnective healing practitioner.

Certified Reiki 1 practitioner.


Embodied, soft, powerful, and healing, my attuned touch will leave you feeling safe, loved, and relaxed. Get lost in sensually focused attention. Breathe deeply as the worries of the world dissolve making way for your pleasure. Allow me to guide you on an intentional journey toward healing and reconnection to your most sacred desires. Drop into the depths of your energetic bodies. Lean into the warmth of divine passion, sacred sexuality, and pleasure-filled expression. 
You. Me. Exploring. Teasing. Releasing. 
Come, my love, and enter the mystery with me. Where will the journey take us? What will we uncover? Who will you become? Let's find out together.


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